About the Authors


J. & D. Burges are a husband-and-wife writing team. Having lived for many years on the edge of the Navajo Nation, they write with cheerful authority about open spaces, big lakes, and the unique mix of cultures captured in their Sage Landing stories.

Their mysteries are now hatched in a cottage in the woods near a lake. It’s a great place to plot light-hearted homicides, capers, scams, and other fictional mischief. When they’re not doing that or working out, they might be dancing a foxtrot or tango. There’s also some knitting and woodworking going on.

They can’t resist tinkering with each other’s work, and it’s often hard for them to remember which story idea originated where and whose words made it into the final draft. Each of them claims that the best lines belong to the other.

About the Narrator

Renee Dodd is a native Oregonian living in the beautiful Willamette Valley (go Ducks!).

She has always loved books, so when a long daily commute brought "books on tape" into her life, she relished listening to mysteries while sipping a latte in her cozy car. That was also when she began to dream of becoming an audio book narrator.  

Finding herself at a career crossroads, she decided to make that dream a reality, studying with experts in many areas of voice performance. She is thrilled to be giving voice to the kinds of books she enjoys reading. You can learn more about Renee's work on her website,  Renee Dodd Reads.


Renee has two tortoise-shell cats, one crazy dog, and a delightful son who played water polo for several years while she cheered him on.