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Bear Witness

a Naomi Manymules mystery

"'Damn that movie,' I grumbled for the third time that day. It might seem glamorous to have another movie crew in town, but this was getting old. The canyonlands around Sage Landing are stark and unusual, so they've been the setting for way too many commercials, tv episodes, and movies. They stand in for all kinds of strange landscapes, from biblical Palestine to alien planets, which means that crews sweep into town on a pretty regular basis. Now I don't even notice the famous actors or the daring stuntfolks. No, what I mostly notice is how the movie people are shutting down highways, tying up traffic, and tempting all the kids in town with bit parts and other excuses to skip school. Including mine. The other thing I can't help but notice is what a silly idea this particular movie seems to be."

As it turns out, that's the least of it, because the "movie people" have also brought in some odd kinds of crime. Naomi's boss, attorney Grant Carson, has been hired to negotiate with the producers on behalf of Sage Landing, and that's landed both of them squarely in somebody's sights. It's hard to figure out why, when they can't even figure out whose harebrained idea it was to film that story in that way at that location.