Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

1.  Naomi sometimes thinks Carson’s behavior is culturally out of place. Did any of the things she notices surprise you? What do you think of the ways she handles these situations?

2.  How would you describe the way Carson practices law? Would you hire him if you were in trouble?

3.  How does the mix of cultures in and around Sage Landing influence the events of the story? 

4. Why do you think Naomi still lives in Sage Landing? Why does Carson stay, even though things haven’t worked out the way he planned?

 5. What kinds of relationships among women turn out to be important? How do they influence the events in the story?

 6. Does your opinion of Three-Steps Larry change by the end of the book? Why does/n’t it?

 7. How does the landscape and its features figure into the story?

 8. Who do you think killed Willard Highsmith? What makes you think so, and how sure are you? 

 9. Who was your favorite suspect? 

 10. Carson, Jack Miller, and Naomi each start out with different attitudes toward Ellen’s situation. Why? How do they influence each other? Where do they end up?

 11. How do the dysfunctions of the Banner family factor into the story? How do they affect Naomi?

 12.What do you think really happened uplake in Bull Banks Bay on the night that Highsmith was killed?